The moment that you will opt for a digital transformation in your business, then it will become digitally efficient and exciting. The marketing and sales aspect of digital transformation is what we will be talking more about though there are so many things that you can get from it. 

when you are doing business in the old days, you will be using fliers, phone calls, and mails. It is these things that you can already accomplish with the use of the internet. There is less effectiveness when you will use these  process but they are still being used today. There is now a thing called as e-commerce and it is now taking center stage which makes all other processes obsolete. 

There is no change when you are talking about the purchasing power of the people. It is now that people will choose to buy from the internet rather than going to a physical store and that is the biggest change these days. It is now common for most business owners have websites so that they will be able to show the people what they are offering. It is also through the internet that people will be able to know what store has the best price. Before consumers will visit any store, they will be able to scan what they want to buy from that store and business owners are capitalizing on that. 

And when it comes to having a good reputation online, you have to make sure that you will have good reviews. A review if even a single person  could mean  a lot of the digital world and it can reach  a million people. There are both good and bad reviews that you will get from the internet. And it is through these reviews that other people will be able to have a perception of who you are. It is these reviews that are now considered as digital mouth advertising. 

For some people, having a website and a social media presence may be enough. It is by having these things that you might get a little edge but tat not really enough. It is because it is common for these websites to have a standard information only. It is these websites that will not be able to provide enough information to its visitors. What usually, happens in the social media is that people are using it only as a billboard and not as an interaction platform. It is the phone or the email that they will now use it communicate with their clients. Taking advantaged of digital transformation and doing the digital hook is not what these people are doing. 

Another thing that you should be aware of is the mobile web. A customer acquisition engine is what the mobile web is not considered. 


It is very important that your focus is sales and marketing when it comes to your online presence. You also, have to remember to have an ongoing relationship with the clients that you have. Learn what does digital transformation mean here!